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Genital Warts Cream - Are They Effective?

Genital warts develop after an individual contracts the human papilloma virus (HPV). The virus multiplies rapidly and results in the formation of very tiny, stalk-shaped extensions over the skin. Luckliy, there are many ways to treat genital warts. The use of genital warts cream is the preliminary treatment doctors first use to get rid of them. Please note, however, that you should not use creams that are used for getting rid of genital warts on other regions of the body such as your hands or legs.

The use of a genital warts cream can be very painful and can result in the scarring of the affected region. Nevertheless, they do remove genital warts. There are many wart creams available on the market. Here are two of the more common ones prescribed.

0.15%-0.5% Podophyllotoxin: this is a gel or cream that can be applied to the affected area. The cream has to be retained for about four hours to have effective results. To prevent the cream from washing off, it can be covered with a small layer of cotton. The ingredients present in the cream are reported to cause pain and skin erosion. The cream should be applied twice a day for about two to three days. The cream has to be continued in a similar manner after a break of 4 to 7 days. It is essential to remember that the cream should be strictly restricted to four cycles. It works by preventing the cell growth of the wart. If severe irritation is felt, wash off the cream immediately. If you are a pregnant woman or are expecting to become pregnant, this cream is not an option.

Imiquimod: this is another cream that can be used to treat genital warts. Unlike the above gel, it is less painful. However, it poses the risk of developing fungal infections and flu-like symptoms. This cream is highly recommended if podophyllotoxin proves to be very sensitive. It has to be applied three times a week at night time before going to bed. This will give the cream at least eight hours to show its effect. Unlike other creams which contain chemicals that directly act on the surface of the warts, this cream is said to activate the immune system to work against the warts or the virus. As the cream is very slow in showing its effect, women have to continue the treatment for about eight weeks, while men have to use it for about twelve weeks to get rid of warts completely. This cream is not yet tested for pregnant women and should not be used by them.

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